Saturday, January 18, 2014

100 Years of Rock - A Great Tool that Illustrates the History

I found this very interesting, interactive-graphic that pulls together a history of rock from the early years until now.

After the graphic unfolds there is also a magical interactive piece - you can click on the names of the genre and hear the sounds of that type of music.

This can be very useful when you are teaching since your student groups/bands may come up with a new tune and you all might wonder what category of music it is. Or, wonder if it is new.  Or, does it blend categories? It is helpful to see the range of categories when you are trying to categorize your tune.

One of my music colleagues commented that "New Surf" was missing on the graphic. Yes, I am sure there are a few categories that may be missing but overall this visual is very helpful in exposing the evolution of rock.

Art teachers will also find this tool useful if they exam the evolution of album covers and the artwork that went into those exciting covers.

Click on this graphic and enjoy!

Click image to see the full interactive music graphic(via Concert Hotels).