Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Overarching Goal through the Arts

The arts are full of learning opportunities. Artful learning is the best way to approach teaching and learning. Listen to/view lectures, explore lessons, add your artful ideas to teaching arts in the senior years (high school), and add your own imagination to the artful world of teaching.  This blog is "in progress" for a course about Arts Education in the Senior Years (High School).

The  Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts curriculum frameworks and implementation resources are intended to support, promote and inspire the growth of all students as artistic learners as they journey towards becoming creative, artistically literate “adults and citizens who will truly enrich their own lives and the lives of future communities” (Manitoba Education, 2011, p. 10).

Manitoba Education. Click on the right, below the movie, to connect with Manitoba Education syllabus materials and explanations.

Manitoba Education additional materials 

Examine Lesson Links above and find everything you need for lessons and resources.

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ENJOY teaching the arts by engaging in works that inspire imagination.

Enjoy Bear 71 from the National Film Board (on Vimeo)

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Enjoy 12 Outstanding Apps for Music Education

What are the Multiple Intelligences? Enjoy a video with Howard Gardner talking about education.

Enjoy a talk about how the arts are essential to schools. Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk
and the follow up TED Talk (2010) 

Enjoy a video about photographer Ansel Adams  - a documentary (2002) 

Look After Your Vocal Cords: Here's What They Look Like
...then take a look at a short slide show on this.